Laravel provides you with a structure where Model, View and Controller interact with each other seamlessly. Apart from this, Laravel provides you with many different functions built into the framework itself so that you can focus on writing the business logic of your application. Hence, you end up saving time and energy, which otherwise agile development methodologies would have spent on find solutions to these low-level problems. Laravel provides an intuitive way to create secure web applications. Laravel store all passwords as a hash instead of plain text passwords. Laravel provides security from SQL injection attacks and also escape all user inputs to avoid the injection of any script tags.

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If user’s action cannot be completed because the user submitted incorrect data, it should be reported to him/her in an informative error message. Without proper error handling, the user may decide that the problem is in the application and move away from the application forever. What made Laravel application development popular among PHP developers is its vast ecosystem of products and services that support a faster app development. From Homestead and Valet to Envoyer and Forge, it’s undoubtedly a powerful framework that’s only getting better. Laravel is one of the most popular web application frameworks with ease in common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. It uses PHP as a back-end programming language for executing commands from the application using available web servers like Apache, IIS etc.

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It is quite evident that if you are not coming from MVC architecture of programming, then these questions itself are new to you. There is a higher possibility that you might have never asked these questions to yourself if you have not used a framework before. what is laravel If this is the case, then this reason itself should be good enough for you to adopt the Laravel framework for application development. Laravel takes care of all these low-level details for you and gives you an elegant and working architectural pattern.

He is also a seasoned instructor for video2brain in Spanish. Choosing the right framework for your application is one of the most difficult aspects of the initial stages of project development. Laravel uses Composer for dependency management and for autoloading as well. The Composer helps you to install Laravel packages, which makes dependency management a breeze.

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It attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. After customers enter an URL of your application into browser, the physical server, where your application is hosted, will receive a request, process it , and send back a response. A large number of complex requests to the database server is one of the most resource-intensive operations. Automation testing is less time-consuming and in many cases more exact than manual testing. The way a software application handles errors can have a big impact on user satisfaction and usability of the application. Data-entry forms are one of the most common places where errors are identified and presented after users click a Submit Button. If something does not work because of the user doing something wrong, he/she should be notified about it in the convenient form.

Is PHP a dying language?

PHP is not dead. It isn’t dying and it isn’t reaching “end-of-life”. That’s it. No matter how much some people want it to go away, it isn’t going away.

Caching is a technique to store data in a temporary storage location and can be retrieved quickly when needed. Mostly caching is used to increase the performance of the application. Which helps Laravel to decrease the processing time thus increasing the performance. Laravel is so easy to customize that you can create your own project structure which meets the demand of your web application. With Laravel’s beautiful and elegant syntax, you can write code which is self-explanatory and expressive. Laravel follows MVC structure which makes it easy to learn and rapidly prototype the web applications. Laravel takes the pain out of web application development by providing built-in features like authentication, mail, routing, sessions, and the list goes on.

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When an application is built using a standardised framework like Laravel, add additional developers to the team becomes easy. Its is because you hire a Laravel developer and he would be bee able to understand the code because its all follow the same pattern. For this reason itself, the new developers would have to go through the learning curve of understanding the new architecture what is laravel that has been developed by you. This sort of problem is eradicated if you use Laravel because it will then bring in the consistency of application development. Laravel has detailed documentation, and the new developers would not have to go through the learning curve of using a new framework. If these questions look overwhelming, then let me tell you we are just getting started.

Let me explain that with an example, let’s assume you start with an application which has a small user base in the beginning. Since the number of users is less and the app is in its initial stages, you decide to use MySQL as the database. Later on, the user base of your application grows to a considerable level, and you might have to switch SQL Server as your database. Making this change is as easy as changing specific configuration details in Laravel. Artisan for me is the most elegant and useful feature offered by Laravel. Artisan is the command-line interface for Laravel and helps developers to automate many tasks using the command line itself. Artisan commands can be used within the application itself, and Developers can also create additional Artisan commands.

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It returns the feedback in the form of the required MIME type. Remember that we defined our routes earlier in the application inside the web.php file, specifying an easy to remember the name for each of them. The route() directive accepts a name of a route, looks it up inside the internally cached routes list, and generates a full URL based on the definition of that route in the web.php file. For this first case, we are specifying that we want the form to send its submitted data to the /process URL of our application, which is defined as a POST route.

At any point in time, you can check your package.json file and see what all dependencies your application is using. The Composer also gives you the benefit of being able to update your dependencies using single Composer command. You guessed it right, this essentially means that as long as you using Eloquent you don’t have to worry about compatibility with any of the above databases. Also making a switch from one database to another is super easy. Now try to imagine the scalability that this gives to your application.

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Bernard has experience working with frameworks such as PHP itself, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. He also has extensive knowledge and experience with other web technologies for both the back and the front end such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Angular, Java, and PhoneGap . He enjoys new challenges and is always making an effort to learn new trending technologies. In the last 15 years, Bernard has worked on product and database design as well as the whole architecture of projects from the ground up.

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